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What is Geospatial Data?

How can geospatial data make a difference in your marketing campaigns? Geospatial data is important for marketers because it helps you understand the location and size of markets. The more information gathered using geospatial data, the better understanding you will have on your ideal target market’s behavior, preferences and needs.  This blog post will cover […]

How to Use Points of Interest Data for Your Local Business

There are several data points that every business needs to be aware of to understand their customers better. This can range from demographics, how they found you, website visitor data, and why they chose to go with a competitor.  But for local brick-and-mortar businesses, there are strategic methods to connect with their customers to give […]

Why Local Businesses Should Have a Customer Intelligence Strategy

How do you plan to create an effective customer intelligence strategy if you don’t take the time to study the data? Data is being used in more ways in order to field customer engagement and increase business sales.  With the data analytics you receive, your company can use it in marketing and other areas that […]

6 Benefits of Location-Based Marketing

Nine out of ten marketers agree that placing more effort on location-based services leads to more income. With a rise in geo-tagging and location-based searches, more companies are making an effort to use their location when they’re posting or sharing online. A greater interest in location-based advertising has made it easier for customers to find businesses […]

How to Use Data to Improve Audience Targeting

Your target audience is essential to the sale of your businesses’ products and services. If you’re here you’re wondering how you can use data metrics collected by your team to improve its audience targeting?

Below we’ve created a guide that will explain ways you can improve audience targeting using the data you’ve collected. Without the data there’s no way to ensure you’re reaching your audience the right way.

By the time you’ve finished scrolling, you’ll have a better understanding of how to tweak your SEO marketing strategy to benefit your company.

7 Ways the Top Golf Courses Run Paid Advertising Campaigns

Golf courses capitalize on returning customers. They’re the ones who pay for long-term memberships and take good care of the courses. But overreliance on them can stifle your growth. Effective golf course advertising should take advantage of digital media advertising to bring in new members. Follow digital advertising trends to stay relevant and don’t shy away from […]

8 Ways the Top Car Dealerships Run Paid Advertising Campaigns

The automotive industry is among the largest markets in the United States. Statistics show that by 2016, the industry comprised approximately 270 million registered vehicles and motorcycles. The number grew to 286.9 million in 2020, and it is projected to reach 290.8 million in 2022. With at least 128 million households in the U.S., it is time for car dealerships […]

5 Tips to Improve Your Local SEO Marketing Strategy

Local SEO is an often overlooked aspect of digital marketing. With so many websites, so many social media platforms, and constantly changing algorithms and features, it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends. This post explores five tips that will improve your local SEO marketing strategy and help you generate more traffic […]

Geofencing Marketing: What it is and How it Can Transform Outcomes

Geofencing Marketing: What it is and How it Can Transform Outcomes

Could geofencing marketing be what’s needed to send sales figures soaring? A data-gathering technique that can be used to harness relevant, high-quality audience data to your advantage, marketing with geofencing results in dynamic, real-time audience reach.  No matter what sector a business operates in, or who the target audience might be, geofencing software and the […]