30 Day National Snapshot

Look around your luxury resort, dip your toe in your heated pool, take a ride in one of your cozy transportation vehicles, and take a small sample (or a big one) of the complimentary breakfast you offer to your guests. Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “who wouldn’t want to stay here?” You could come up with a bunch of excuses about the weather or the economy, but last year travelers spent $1.1 trillion on food services, lodging, and transportation. So, what if the answer is, the only people who don’t want to stay at your hotel, are the people who don’t know about your hotel?

With younger generations entering the workforce and traveling on an upward trend, you have a crucial opportunity to bring in the YOLO crowd, you know, the people with no responsibility, and the newfound money to finally be cool. In fact, Gen Z spent over $1,000 more per month on traveling expenses than the traditional millennial you’ve been marketing to. Now you’re frantically scouring the internet to figure out how you’re going to market to such a flighty and erratic audience. There’s no need to panic, our Location Visitor Data will give you more insight than statistics and online tutorials.

Location Visitor Data locates and tracks the information for customers who are already in the process of booking a trip but are purchasing from your competitors. Our system processes the shopper data and determines the main points of interest, so you are able to market to them directly. So, instead of downloading an eBook on Gen Z slang, let us deliver all their information directly to you.