7 Day Tampa, FL Snapshot

People come from all around to see their favorite band, sports team and racecar live and in action, which is great for business, if you know who those people are. Since there is not a specific audience for the Super Bowl or the state fair, your advertising money is being spent on hopeful guesses rather than accurate data.

Our Location Visitor Data locates and tracks the information for customers who are already in the area for the event and are in need of your services. Our system processes the shopper data and determines the main points of interest, so you are able to market to them directly.

State fairs, concerts, and sporting events are where people come together to connect in a totally different way. First loves, favorite beers, and the perfect song come together to make memories that will never be forgotten. Don’t you want your company to be part of that memory? We’re not selling data; we’re selling guaranteed business that leads to repeat customers because everyone loves to relive the glory days. Especially the rockers who won’t let go of the mullet.