A study found that even the best golfers lose an average of 1.3 balls per round. Imagine how many the worst golfers are losing.

Whether it’s a professional golfer or a beginner, they all require gear in order to play the game. Therefore, you know there are guaranteed customers out there, you just need to figure out who they are. Additionally, last year, 5 million people were reported saying they’d be “very interested” in picking up the game. Wouldn’t it be great to know who those 5 million potential clients were? That’s where our golfing segment comes in. With our Location Visitor Data product, we can find potential customers who are already in the market for exactly what you’re already selling.

Let us take some of the weight off your shoulders by getting customers into your store so you can take some of the weight off the caddy’s shoulders by selling them the brand-new lightweight clubs.

With the constant shift in consumerism, especially, in the golfing sanction, having our Location Visitor Data system tracking and delivering you customers on a silver platter is an invaluable resource. There was a large stigma around grandpas being the only people who play golf, but a study done by the National Golf Foundation found something a little different:

  • 6 million women play at least one round of golf per year, and we all know how women love to shop.
  • 1 million young adults are golfing every year and you’re still marketing in the newspaper and day-time television.
  • 5 million juniors have picked up the sport, or maybe they were forced by their fathers.

For the past 6 consecutive years, golfing has received more than 2 million new players annually. It’s time you knew who they were.  Book a demo with us today!