30 Day Florida Campsites Snapshot

There’s something so naturally beautiful about camping, and no we’re not talking about the sites and serenity found by doing it. We’re talking about the undefinable and target audience. Having such a vast range of people taking an interest in the hobby means you have virtually no limits to the things you can sell them. While to some, marketing to an undefined target audience seems like an unattainable feat, we offer the key to unlock this golden audience of over 40 million consumers. Location Visitor Data locates and tracks the information for customers who are already in the market for camping supplies but are shopping in your competitors’ stores. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to them directly and sell them the overpriced hiking boots they’ll only wear once, instead of giving your competitor the pleasure. 

With our Location Visitor Data system, we can determine points of interest, making it easier to shine some light on the Gen Z, who think that their phone will suffice as a proper lantern when camping. In 2018, The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association reported that camping goods sales totaled $2.66 billion. Combine that with the significant spike in the interest of outdoor activities since the beginning of 2020, and you’re looking at the perfect opportunity to sell the hipsters what they really need when they go camping.