30 Day National Snapshot

In 2019, 11.88 million recreational boats were registered in the United States. That’s more than 11.88 million life jackets, coolers, and fishing rods. Not even mentioning those new boaters who feel the need to “look the part”, with name brand hats, swimsuits, and sunglasses. Our Location Visitor Data locates and tracks the information for customers who are already in the market for boating supplies but are shopping in your competitors’ stores. Our system processes this shopper data and determines the main points of interest, so you are able to market to them directly.

Everyone loves a tourist, they hit every one of the seven deadly sins – what’s our favorite? Gluttony, overconsumption of all goods to the point of wastefulness. A different swimsuit for everyday and a towel to match. Every single one of their favorite snacks because it’s “cheat day.” Life Jackets and floaties because when they planned this boating trip, they somehow forgot to mention they don’t know how to swim. Buy. Buy. Buy. That’s what vacations are all about. But, what’s the one thing they forgot? Well, once the human sized lobsters walk past your store, they’ll be wishing you had sold them sunscreen. Which you would have done, if they hadn’t been shopping at your competition.

The best part about our software is we have access to multiple attributes for each record including, income, age ranges, and even boat ownership. This will help you market directly to your perfect clientele but doesn’t discount the possibility of an overzealous tourist with money to burn. It’s time you start bringing in the big fish of your own.