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Lazer Marketing Data (LMD) has products designed to help you build marketing audiences of consumers that you know are actively looking for your products or services. Our Visitor Data, comprised of physical location plus website visitors, becomes your Visitor Identified Prospect audience! No matter your target audience, we know where to find active, in-market prospects. These prospects can be offline or online; they can be at your competition down the street or a thousand miles away. Best of all, they will be delivered to your growing prospect data list every day.

Think of us as an extension of your data & marketing team.

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Active vs. Passive

Using our location and website visitor data, we can give you active audiences vs a purchased or historical passive audience. Our unique offering can give you both consumers who are in action now, or go back in time to provide potential shoppers who were visiting places where they would potentially need to use your products or services. Active audience data now or lookback actions will fuel your marketing.

An example:

Consumers in the automotive segment were visiting dealerships and their websites the past two months. If you were subscribing to our service, you would have received our active audience data, allowing you to market to customers you knew were actively shopping. If you are a new customer and want to kick start your marketing with active shoppers, we can provide a 30 or 60 day lookback to give you that same audience who may not have purchased yet, but quit visiting dealerships due to external circumstances.

Another example:

You are a client who offers products and services in marine services nationwide, and are looking for people who fall into that boating segment. It is early spring, and you want to jump start your national marketing campaign to both your internal customer list and a prospect list of people who are most likely to buy your boat/marine products or services. Since we have over 3,000 active Points of Interest (POI) in this segment, we could lookback to the spring and summer of last year at prospects who visited boat dealerships, marine retail stores, marinas and boat ramps to generate your audience data.  PLUS, going forward, we can add new POI’s per your request.